• Fast Track: Preparedness Training

    Designed for busy people who want to be better prepared but don't know where to start - or who don't have the time and / or money to attend a "live" training event.

  • Affordable - Self Paced

    Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home for a fraction of "live" training costs. Your preparedness is just a click away. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Hands On - Skills Training

    You'll enjoy 12 practical, hands-on training sessions that teach essential wilderness and urban survival skills in a fun, family-friendly, format.

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Vital Survival: 12 essential, hands-on preparedness training modules you can complete in less time than it takes to watch 2 movies on Netflix®

BONUS: Vital Survival - Manual ($19.99 Value)

30-Page Printable Booklet Expanding on Content Shared in Each Lesson

  • INCLUDES: Bonus: Top 10 Lists: Keep You Focused on Essentials

    You'll get a “Top 10” list for each of the 12 topical lessons covered in this course. Each list contains the MOST essential items that you need to know for each topic. In this way you can manage your time and resources so you can focus on the most critical items first.

  • INCLUDES: Bonus Long-Term Emergency Prepping Tips

    Discover the biggest threats you will face during a long-term disaster, emergency, or society-altering event. Identify and fill in your preparedness gaps as you take the fast track to ensuring that you (and the ones you love) are ready for a "worst case scenerio" event.

  • INCLUDES: Bonus Safety, Security and Self Defense Skills

    In a society-altering event the thin veil of civility will come down and people will become your greatest threat. In the Vital Survival Booklet - Craig covers all aspects of conflict awareness, avoidance, safety, security and self defense, and a lot more...

Who Is This Course For?

Course Superpower: Hands-On Activities and Interactive, Family-Friendly Training Covering 12 Vital Areas of Personal and Group Preparedness.

The Vital Survival course and booklet were written and produced in the middle of the pandemic and riots of early 2020. Therefore, this course is both timely and informed by current events. Craig has taught urban and rural disaster readiness/survival to thousands of students. He has taken those experiences and his dedicated research and put it together in this course. He provides excellent video instruction, demonstration, and associated checklists to go along with each lesson. You'll get decades of self-defense, survival and tactical training packed into 12 essential, 15 minute lessons - to deliver the critical training you (and the ones you love) need to be prepare for almost any emergency, disaster, crisis or society-altering event.
Course Superpower: Hands-On Activities and Interactive, Family-Friendly Training Covering 12 Vital Areas of Personal and Group Preparedness.

Inside this Course:

Discover the fast track to personal safety and emergency preparedness.

  • 1

    Start Here: Welcome

  • 2

    Critical Needs: Mindset, Security, Gear, First Aid

    • Lesson 1 - Essential Urban and Wilderness Survival Gear You Need

    • Lesson 2 - Mindset: How to Bullet Proof Your Mind So You Can Overcome Anything

    • Lesson 3 - Safety / Security: Personal Self Defense Skills, Group Security Tips

    • Lesson 4 - First Aid: Basic Skills, Essential Gear and Best Practices

    • Application Points

  • 3

    Survival Basics: Prepping, Bug Out, Shelter, Water, Food

    • Lesson 5 - Prepping: Food Tips, Essential Gear, Sheltering In Place / Bugging In

    • Lesson 6 - Shelter: Hands-On Shelter Skills and Gear and + Bug Out Kit and Tips

    • Lesson 7 - Water: Finding H2O + Making it Clean and Safe to Drink

    • Lesson 8 - Food: How to Find It, Cook It and Manage Your Food Needs

  • 4

    Working With Others: Tactics, Communication, Awareness

    • Lesson 9 - Situational Awareness, Conflict Avoidance, Crisis Intervention

    • Lesson 10 - Communication: Primary, Alternate, Contingency, Emergency

    • Lesson 11 - Critical Decision Making: Truth, Lies, Myths, and Solving the Problem

    • Lesson 12 - Final Steps: Practical, Sustainable Training - How to Be Ready for Anything

  • 5

    BONUS + Next Steps

    • BONUS: Vital Survival Manual

    • BONUS: More Resources for You!

    • Before You Go...

Course Objectives

Here’s what you'll get in this course...

  • BONUS! Downloadable booklet that has a “Top 10” list on each lesson’s topic. These lists comprise the essential items that people need to know.

  • ESSENTIAL GEAR! We've dedicated an entire video lesson that covers the gear needed to affect your survival. It includes items that are friendly to budget-minded people and other things worth spending some extra money on because of their durability and usefulness.

  • CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS: Lessons that detail survival mindset, leadership, and critical decision making under stress will help to dramatically increase your survival IQ and (right now) enhance your daily life in (and outside of) disaster readiness.

  • FLY UNDER THE RADAR: Learn how to effectively "lay low" and take care of yourself (and those in your group) using “gray man” techniques so that you do not attract unwanted attention.

  • ALONE SURVIVAL: Discover how to survive alone. Inside you will find lessons that deal specifically with those that find themselves alone without assistance.

  • FAMILY SURVIVAL: Discover proven tactics to keep your family functioning optimally through a crisis, disaster or long-term society-altering even. INCLUDING: Tips to help children cope with uncertainty.

  • WILDERNESS / URBAN SKILLS: Discover the priorities of survival for ANY situation while learning important wilderness survival skills that will be essential in an urban bug out or society-altering disaster event..

Meet Your Instructor

Author, Podcaster, Certified Master Naturalist

Senior Instructor

Craig Caudill

Craig is an accomplished woodsman, author, podcaster, and educator on topics in and related to, the great outdoors. He has served as a back-county skills instructor for the Department of Defense and first responders at the federal, state and local levels - as well as thousands of every-day folks like you and me. He is a certified Master Naturalist and brings a lifetime of outdoor experience and practical wisdom to each course. Craig is the Director / Lead Instructor at Nature Reliance School, headquartered in Central Kentucky. You can reach Craig at www.NatureReliance.org