Who Is This Course For?

Course Superpower: Covers the Widest Range of Emergency, Disaster and Worst-Case-Scenerio Topics in the Least Amount of Time.

In this course Craig and David unpack 19 essential emergency preparedness and disaster readiness topics. You will discover the mindset, skills, tactics, and gear you need, in easy to digest 15 minute segments. So, if you want to take the fast track to personal safety and emergency preparedness (BEFORE it’s too late), go ahead and jump in on this course. You'll be glad you did.
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7 Survival Food Skills You Need in a Disaster

Inside this Course

  • 1

    Start Here: Welcome

    • How Prepared Are You?

  • 2

    Pre-Event: Planning / Prepping / Prevention

    • Lesson 1: Crisis Prevention + BONUS: Combat Rule of 3

    • Lesson 2: Emergency Preparedness + BONUS Foolproof Disaster Plan

    • Lesson 3: Bug Out Basics + BONUS: 6 Deadly Bug Out Mistakes

    • Disaster Plan Checklist

    • Application Points

  • 3

    Danger Zone: First Response Tips and Tactics

    • Lesson 4: Awareness / Avoidance + BONUS: Active Shooter Survival

    • Lesson 5: Survival Mindset + BONUS: How to Bullet Proof Your Mind

    • Lesson 6: Priorites of Survival + BONUS: Urban Survival Tactics

    • Lesson 7: Get Rescued - Get Home + BONUS: 4 Vital Rescue Skills

    • Lesson 8: First Aid - Prevention and Care + BONUS: Lightning Round

  • 4

    Essential Survival: Foundational Training Topics

    • Lesson 9: Shelter - "Bomb Proof" Shelter Building + BONUS: Deadly Shelter Mistakes

    • Lesson 10: Fire - Foolproof Survival Fire + BONUS: Rainy Day Fire Building

    • Lesson 11: Water - Refreshing, Clean, Safe + BONUS: Tips to Find Water

    • Lesson 12: Food - Survival Food Essentials + BONUS: 5 Foods Nature Provides

    • Lesson 13: Food / Trapping - Catching Critters + BONUS: 5 Essential Traps

    • Lesson 14: Food / Foraging - Eating Insects / Plants + BONUS: Best Edible Plants / Bugs

    • Lesson 15: Navigation - 5 Tips to Get You Home + BONUS: No Compass Navigation

  • 5

    Code Red: Safety, Security and Worst Case Threats

    • Lesson 16: Safety / Self Defense: Getting Out Alive + BONUS: Top 10 EDC Weapons

    • Lesson 17: SERE / Abduction / Crime: + BONUS: 9 Bad Habits of Crime Victims

    • Lesson 18: Worst Case Threats: CBRN Preps + BONUS: 3 Step Survival Plan

    • Lesson 19: Harsh Climate / Situation Survival + BONUS: 4 Pillars of Survival

  • 6

    BONUS + Next Steps

    • BONUS: 7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Tiny Survival Guide 2.0

    • BONUS: More Resources for You!

    • Before You Go...

Survival Quick Tips: Advanced

Meet Your Instructors

Senior Instructor

David Robert

David is the Founder of: Ultimate Survival Tips, Survival Show Podcast and the Tiny Survival and MSK-1 Knife Brands. He is a creator, outdoor skills educator, YouTuber, knife and gear designer. David is the publisher and illustrator of the best selling - Tiny Survival Guide and The Tiny First Aid Guide. He is the designer of the MSK-1 Survival Knife system and the host of The Survival Show Podcast. David served in the US Marine Corps and Army Reserves and currently lives on a rural property located in the beautiful Endless Mountains of North Central Pennsylvania.

Senior Instructor

Craig Caudill

Craig is an accomplished woodsman, author, podcaster, and educator on topics in and related to, the great outdoors. He has served as a back-county skills instructor for the Department of Defense and first responders at the federal, state and local levels - as well as thousands of every-day folks like you and me. He is a certified Master Naturalist and brings a lifetime of outdoor experience and practical wisdom to each course. Craig is the Director / Lead Instructor at Nature Reliance School, headquartered in Central Kentucky. You can reach Craig at www.NatureReliance.org