Who Is This Course For?

Course Superpower: Practical, Easy to Understand Introduction to Common Wild Edible Plants. Great Outdoor Activity. Includes Recipes.

This course is for anyone who wants to be self-reliant and aware of various opportunities for food and medicine - all of which are free and grow all around us. Craig is an avid woodsman but has the bonus of being a certified naturalist. This means you will get a lot of fun facts and information right along with the scientific data that has been heavily researched. Learning will be fun and you'll have peace of mind knowing you have both practical and studied information on the various plants. Craig’s family uses these plants and can offer real-world experiential knowledge on what has worked for them, so you can determine what works best for you.
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Free Sample Lesson

Amazing Dandelion - the Edible Gem in Your Backyard

Course Objectives

Here’s What You'll Get in this Course...

  • Learn 7 common wild edible and medicinal plants (that probably grow in your neighborhood) that are useful as healthy emergency (and supplimental) food. FREE (Course Preview) Bonus Plant INCLUDED.

  • Includes valuable discussion that details how to read a landscape and site locations for various plants, which will make you more likely to find them. It will save you valuable time foraging!

  • The identifying features of the plants include flowers, stems, roots, leaves, and much more. Learn how to read each of them like a book.

  • You will also learn about plants that may look similar, so you do not get confused in the field.

  • You will learn which parts of the plant are useful and how to use them. As an example, on some plants, the leaves are the best part to be used, and on others, the leaves should be discarded. You will know which pieces are best.

  • FREE RECIPES!!! Included with each plant is a recipe that you can use. The recipes are purposely simple so you can do most of them at home, or in the field when preparation supplies are limited.

Meet Your Instructor

Senior Instructor

Craig Caudill

Craig is an accomplished woodsman, author, podcaster, and educator on topics in and related to, the great outdoors. He has served as a back-county skills instructor for the Department of Defense and first responders at the federal, state and local levels - as well as thousands of every-day folks like you and me. He is a certified Master Naturalist and brings a lifetime of outdoor experience and practical wisdom to each course. Craig is the Director / Lead Instructor at Nature Reliance School, headquartered in Central Kentucky. You can reach Craig at www.NatureReliance.org